Ornate stone fireplace with built-in storage and cooking units

Get Started

Are you as excited as we are to get started planning your project? Here are some things that you can get started on before we meet. Assuming that you have already called or emailed us to set up an appointment, here is what you will need to think about.

Give us a call or email to set up an appointment.

Develop an idea of what you want to achieve with this project:
  • What prompted you to the idea for the project?
  • What do you want to use the space for?
  • What is the ultimate goal of the project?
  • What specific features do you want to include? What are your "must haves"?
Develop a budget for this project:
  • How much do you want to spend on this project
Start gathering ideas and inspiration:
  • Look around in magazines, take pictures of friends and families spaces, search Google, check out our portfolio or even snap a picture of that property you drive by all the time that you just love! All of this helps to give us a good idea of what your tastes are.

Jotting down your answers to these questions will help to get the project planning stage rolling. When we meet with you we will go over these things and much more with you as we work towards developing a customized plan for your property and your goals for your project.