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AJ Comerford

President & Founder

AJ Comerford is the President & Founder of Green Boys Landscapes Inc. AJ started the company with his best friend Luis in 2005 when the two were still in high school and realized that they would soon have some large tuition bills to pay. With no desire to work inside bagging groceries or some other typical first job they decided to see what they could do themselves. It took a few years for them to realize what they had been able to build but once they did the duo decided to invest back into the company and make a name for themselves in the landscape industry.

AJ graduated from Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts with a bachelor's degree in finance and is an ICPI & NCMA certified installer. When not working AJ enjoys being outside and spending time with his dog, playing basketball or the guitar and eating good food with family and friends


Landscape Construction Group Leader

Brandon has been with Green Boys Landscapes since 2011 and has been building custom outdoor living spaces and efficiently operating a variety of machinery since 2008. He has proven himself to be a t tremendous asset to our team since he first came on board. His attention to even the smallest details and his ability to clearly communicate with clients during their project is just part of reason why he is so good at his job. If you want an outdoor living space installed then you want Brandon and his team to to be the ones to install it! Brandon is ICPI and NCMA certified. In his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball, softball, and golf.