There is a reason that "Measure twice, cut once" is a saying that any master craftsman lives by. The landscape design process is how we measure our ideas collaboratively with you to make sure that when it comes time to install your landscape everything has been checked and rechecked.

A well thought out design is the key to a beautiful landscape that will not only function but display a high level aesthetic to all who visit it for years to come. It also allows for clients to get the most out of their budget whether that is just several thousand dollars or a hundred thousand dollars, well thought out decisions during the design phase will make a difference in not only the initial installation cost but also any reoccurring maintenance costs. Our designs proposals will outline both the initial costs and the maintenance costs associated with the completed project.

With multiple design presentations available, using state of the art software programs Green Boys Landscapes can provide you with accurate designs that precisely convey exactly what your finished installation will look like. Such accurate representation of the final product allows for you to confidently make any changes of the initial design BEFORE any construction has begun.

We strongly believe in the old adage that "Something for nothing is usually worth exactly that." An excellent design requires a lot of time, effort, resources and experience. The small design and consultation fee is an investment into the final product.

Our Design Services

  • 2D Blueprint Designs
  • 3D Photorealistic Renderings
  • 3D Sketches