lawn and yard maintenance


Do you have a beautiful landscape that needs some maintenance? Even if we did not install it, Green Boys Landscapes Inc. offers a full arsenal of maintenance services. With our maintenance programs you can rest assured that your landscape will always look its best. Sign up for our maintenance program after we do your install and your landscape will be guaranteed forever! As long as we are maintaining it anything that fails after installation is promptly addressed at no additional charge!

We have invested a lot of resources into making sure that the team members who are sent to your property understand the particulars of your landscape and the care it needs. They are trained to take a preemptive approach and watch for signs of potential problems in your landscape so that they can be addressed before ever becoming an eyesore.

Each property is assigned a Group Leader who will oversee the different teams that work on your property and will communicate with you anything that you should be aware of.

Our Maintenance Program Services Include:

Please contact us today to meet and discuss your landscape’s maintenance needs and set up a service schedule to enhance the appearance of your landscape.