Pavers driveway installed to perfection by Green Boys Landscapes

Our Process

Nothing great ever happens by accident. Projects need to be thoroughly planned and that is why we go through a tremendous amount of effort before starting work at your property to make sure that not only do you get exactly what you want but also that nothing gets over looked. We make sure that if certain problems may be anticipated once the project starts that the solution for those problems has already been discussed and reviewed.

Before our team starts a job you will know:
  • Who the Team Leader & Group Leader assigned to your project are
  • The scope of the work
  • The contract terms
  • When payments are due
  • How to request a change order
  • The schedule and time frame
  • The specific materials and layouts chosen by you
First Contact

When you first contact us via phone or email we will ask you several questions about your project and set up a time to meet at your property to go over the scope of the project in detail.

Initial Meeting

At the initial meeting we will go over the scope of the project in detail and introduce you to some of the possibilities available to you based on your ideas and budget. We will also bring our “My Yard” Workbook which will act as a guide for you and your family during the design process to weed out what materials, layouts and plants you like among other things. This workbook also provides us with a ton of useful information to make sure that your wants, needs and budget all remain in alignment as we guide the design of your project in the right direction. At the initial meeting we will also collect measurements and take pictures to aid us in the design process.

Initial Design Presentation

Once we have completed the initial design we will come back to your property to go over the design layout and costs associated with the project. At this meeting we need your feedback so that we can adjust whatever you would like to change so that it fits into your goal of getting what you want while staying on budget.

Design Revision Presentation

Once we know what you want to change we will go back and work on those revisions before meeting again to present you with the revised design and any financial changes that coincided with those changes. This revision stage may be repeated multiple times if necessary to insure that you get the beautiful outdoor space that you want.


Once you have given the design your stamp of approval we will schedule the project and our teams will arrive to professionally complete the work in a substantial workmanlike manner. Throughout the project we will communicate with you the status of the project and any scheduling changes that may arise (such as weather related problems)

Post Project Site Walkthrough

Once the project is completed we will set up a meeting to go over the project with you to make sure the completed project meets your high standards and address any questions that you may have now that you can see the completed project in person. We will also provide you with any instructions that may be pertinent depending on your project if you are not having us handle the maintenance requirements of your project.

Outdoor fireplace by the pool