Hardscape Warranty

Our Hardscape warranty is included with every hardscape installation that we do. We fully stand behind our work and don't want you to have to worry about a thing when you choose Green Boys Landscapes.

Our hardscape warranty covers the following:
  • Settling of pavers/walls
  • Replacement of broken pavers/wall block
  • Loss of joint sand in walkways, patios & driveways

In the event that one of the above faults occurs due to poor installation or product failure we will repair and/or replace the problem at no cost to you.

This warranty starts on the day the project is completed and last 3 years. In order for this warranty to be valid full payment must be received.

Landscape Warranty

Our Landscape warranty insures that we are installing healthy plant material. It also covers plants for 1 winter. In other words we warranty that all the plants we install will make it through the winter and come up healthy in the spring. We feel that this warranty is better for both the client and our company than a typical plant warranty.

Similarly to our sod warranty we will provide customers with the care requirements for their plants.

Sod Warranty

We guarantee the quality of the sod that we install as healthy and guarantee we will install it properly. Sod is needs to be cared for after installation and because this is typically passed along to the consumer and are not actually doing it ourselves we do not warranty the sod other than the proper installation.

We do give all customers who have sod installed a detailed schedule of what exactly needs to be done to provide grow a healthy turf. We also make sure to make customers aware of the watering requirements beforehand so that there are no surprises. We will follow up with or stop by to check on the sod every so often after installation.

Please call us or email us with any questions concerning our warranties.